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After you build your web site, throw away your box of business cards and get new ones printed--this time with your Web site and e-mail address on it. In order to drive real traffic to your web site, you need to regularly submit your Web site details to web search engine directories and and maintain your web site.

Mystiblue Computing specializes in Internet marketing and search engine submitting for company in Idaho, but definitely not limited to just Idaho, We promote your business effectively on the Internet. The Internet has become the most cost effective advertising in the world, isn't it time your business was a part of it? Many business across the world have made the transition from being a local company serving a local community, to a global company. The Internet has allowed companies to expand their targeted audiences, to include a global customers, outside their normal business area. Effective Internet marketing services is an important part of your website development process.

At Mystiblue Computing, our staff has many years of experience in successfully designing, developing, and web site marketing our clients. Mystiblue Computing an Idaho Company, will help you effectively market your web site by providing website submitting and search engine registration services, to ensure that your website is found by the people who are looking for your products and services they need. Our staff will ensure that the appropriate HTML tags are inserted within your web pages that search engines need to rank and position your website. This is the most important aspect of website submitting, that should not be overlooked. We will also make sure that your website is listed in the most popular search engines. This will help maximize your web site's Internet exposure. Many companies brag about being able to register your website to hundreds of search engines on the web, but this carries very little weight if they are search engines few people use and know about.

We review your web site, literature and other sources. We brainstorm with you to tap your business experience. We use sophisticated Internet marketing software tools to find other keywords promoted by web sites that are promoting your keywords. The result is a comprehensive list of candidate keywords to analyze.

Analyze your keywords by Relevance, Popularity, and Competition from statistical and historical sources.
Select: The target keywords will rate high on relevance and popularity and low on competition.

Our analysis yields a ranking for your keywords by:

Popularity - How often do people genuinely search for the keyword?
Relevance - How likely is somebody searching with the keyword looking for your product or service?
Competition - How many other sites are actively seeking to be ranked for the keyword?

Website optimization and search engine submitting Campaigns
Start at Just $839.00

Request a free ranking report and Search engine marketing proposal

Your search engine marketing and website optimization is most important and one of the most affordable ways of Internet marketing and to get targeted traffic to your website and often brings long-term benefits. Mystiblue Computing can help you develop a cost-effective strategy for improving your visibility in the search engines. We work with small to mid-sized businesses and offer affordable small business submission programs that start as low as $839.00. We can also customize a search engine and keyword advertising campaign to suit your unique website submitting and marketing needs.

    We provide:

      • Search engine submitting service
      • Comprehensive research to find the best target keyword phrases for your product or service.
      • Website optimization and search engine marketing
      • Category selection and description writing for directories like Yahoo and Looksmart
      • Pay-per-click advertising bid/keyword research, strategy and active account management
      • Aggressive link building campaigns
      • Recommendations on which paid submission programs are worth the investment
      • Timely bulletins about search engine changes that may affect your listing
      • Create Gateway and Doorway pages to maximize your keywords

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