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With reasonable prices, your site will receive well written text,
JavaScript, classy looking graphics and sophisticated design:

Pricing a web site is like asking, "How much does a car cost?" We need to know detailed information before we can accurately give a quote. If the pages are going to have a similar layout, the prices will drop considerably. This is just a guideline...worst case scenario, if you will. If we predict a 10 page site will cost $900 and then bill only $600, then we're the good guys. We're evil if it's the other way around. These prices can be a lot less...yet they can be more.

Web Site Design:
Packages include JavaScript/HTML layout, 3 custom graphics, custom background, 15 links per page, search engine registration and a free consultation.
(Further customization is available...see hourly rates)
These are estimates and most sites will be a lot less...
some will be more. It depends on web site needs
bullet 1 - 3 page site: $65.00 per page
bullet 4 page site: $300.00 ($90 per additional page)
bullet 8 page site: $750.00 (For larger sites, (contact us)
bullet The Works: 8 page site with Domain Name registration: $985.00
bullet The works W/Flash $1200.00

Contact Us for a quote

maintain your site on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Email your URL for pricing, we need to look at it first.
Graphic Design
Custom-made graphics: $35/hour.
Search Engine Registration
This service is included in all web site design packages. We'll register your site in all the top search engines: (Yahoo, Excite, Alta Vista, Hotbot, Northern Light, AOL Net Find, Lycos, Infoseek, Magellan, WebCrawler).
100 Search Engines & directories: $70.
Domain Name Registration
Make your site easier to access and easy to remember (www.yoursite.com): $31.00 (two full year's worth)
We'll scan in your photographs (up to 8 x 11) or take digital photographs of your products or business, create thumbnails and make them web savvy: $5 per photo.

Prices subject to change anytime without notice

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