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We are often asked if we build web sites for out of state clients... and we answer "Yes!" One of the advantages of the Internet is that you can transact business anywhere, at anytime. Credit cards, checks online, PayPal etc. have made it possible to build web sites for out of state customers as easily as we can for clients who are right in our own neighborhood. The process remains pretty much the same and the time it takes from start to finish is usually no different. The Internet has broken down the boundaries of time and space and made it possible for truly international business to be conducted very easily and efficiently.

There is virtually no difference between building a web site for a customer here in Idaho, or someone in New York... or even Australia, come to that! We can discuss with you over the phone, email, or our custom discussion forum, or , We Normally set up a custom forum just for your you or your company, this allows all members of your company to be involved with the web design process. Every one can interact in one central area. what your requirments are; color preferences, number of pages, shopping cart products, examples of sites that you like etc. Once we are satisfied that we know what is needed and wanted we draw up our standard contract, get our usual deposit, and start work. We can upload "work in progress" to a remote location on the Internet where you can view the various stages of development of the site, and offer comments and suggestions where necessary.

Some of our out of state clients are in Oregon, Washington and Alabama - to name just a few. Their web site projects went just as smoothly as if they were right here in Idaho.

This would also be true, of course, for our other services, such as web site maintenance and search engine optimization. It's just as easy to maintain a site in provided they have electricity and telephones!) as it is here in Idaho. Just like the Internet, our level of service knows no boundaries.

Please feel free to contact us, no matter where you are.

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