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About a year ago we made the decision that our animal shelter would benefit from having a website, where pictures of our animals could be posted. Our hope was that more dogs would find homes as well as more animals would be reclaimed by their owners’ when coming in as strays. We tried one company, but were not satisfied and considered learning how to do it ourselves. Then one morning I received a call from Tony of Mystiblue Computing asking me to please let him come out and discuss what he, as a web designer could offer us. That is where the journey began… Tony and I worked very closely in building our site; he was willing to listen to my ideas and than implement them. Once our site was near completion he took the time to teach me how to manage the site on my own. Because of that we are able to update our shelter site daily, which is a huge benefit when you are trying to find homes for shelter dogs. We figured once our site was done we would have only local people utilizing it and it would stay very small, we misjudged. One of the strongest benefits to having Tony involved in our website is the never ending work and pride he takes in making sure that key-words are placed on your site, which in turn helps a website’s placement on the search engines. The traffic we have received on our site is phenomenal; our site is beautiful, enjoyable, easy and fast to load.
We have almost doubled our adoptions since our websites inception; this website has become our biggest asset as far as marketing and advertising. Because of his work and talent there are many dogs that have been placed in homes that may not have been otherwise. We would highly recommend Mystiblue Computing to anyone looking for a web designer. As far as we are concerned, Tony designed us a website that is 2ND TO NONE!

Thanks, Tony

Jana - Owner of Atherton Kennels & Shelter








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